Sioux County Ranks Highest in State For Positivity Rate - Again

October 13, 2020 10:41am


After several days of declining positivity rates, Sioux County has once again obtained Iowa’s highest 14-day positivity rate as of 10am Tuesday.  On September 22, Sioux County reached a 30% positivity rate, and climbed all the way to 31.2% by September 25 before the county started seeing a downward trend.  About that time, other counties in Northwest Iowa had increasing numbers such as Lyon County who, on October 5, took over the state’s highest positivity rate at 31.5%.  Since then, most Northwest Iowa counties have seen decreasing positivity rates, but Sioux County started an upward trend over the weekend, and has again, Iowa’s highest 14-day positivity rate at 24.3%.  The fact that this figure is significantly lower than the previous Sioux County high means that as a whole, Iowa has decreasing positivity rates.

Lyon County has dropped from a high of 31.5% just 8 days ago to 21% today; O’Brien County stays the same at 16.3%; Plymouth County is down to 17.6%, and Osceola County has returned to under the 15% threshold – they are now at 14.3%.

These figures are encouraging, however death rates are increasing in Northwest Iowa.  On September 13, exactly one month ago today, there had been 34 deaths in our five Iowa county listening area since the pandemic began.  Another ten deaths have been reported in the last month alone, most of them coming in the last week-and-a-half; Sioux County reporting six deaths since October 7.

COVID is a serious virus; it's more than an inconvenience, it's a life disruptor, and a killer.  The life of COVID-19 will not end on the whim of an election, or a date set by armchair pundits; so we must continue to take this illness seriously.  And as much as we dislike it, now more than ever, we need to wear our masks in public, continue to practice social distancing, and please, if you have any hint of illness, stay at home.