Growing Need For EMS Volunteers In Northwest Iowa

October 07, 2020 10:13am


Several area counties are currently in need of Emergency Medical Services.  With some towns seeing less than 20 members, local first responders are making a call to action for volunteers.


Officials say the main concern is response time. Currently, some areas might experience a 15 to 20-minute delay between calling for help, and the EMS arrival time.


They say the best way to help assist the community is to reach out to your local EMS squad to find out how to help, even those who are not trained.  Officials say anything that community members can contribute is helpful.


Officials say if you are able to give anything, whether it's time, donations, or just going up to people and asking how you can help, that is what’s needed in Northwest Iowa. 


To learn how you can help, click here.


Courtesy of Media Partner KTIV