Sioux County Has Highest Positivity Rate in State

September 16, 2020 3:07pm


Sioux County continues to have the highest positivity rate in Iowa.  Sioux County reported a 26.7% positivity rate Wednesday morning with an additional 24 hour increase of 32 new cases for a total of 1,155.

In an email response from Community Health Partners, officials there say they have been closely watching the 14-day positivity rate over the last month and are concerned about it. They say they have been working with IDPH to help evaluate what is driving Sioux County’s percentage rates up; they know for sure that the county is experiencing community spread. At this time, however, they do not have any data to support that there has been a specific outbreak, nor do they have any data that supports that the colleges are driving this number. CHP is continuing to dig deep into what factors are driving the rate and will make a statement when they have those answers.

Hospitalization rates remain low however, indicating the illnesses being reported are not severe.