Dordt University - 24 Covid Cases Among Students, Removes Admissions Requirement Of Standardized Test Scores

September 02, 2020 11:36am

Dordt University B

As of Monday, August 31, Dordt University reports that there are 24 active cases of students who have tested positive for Covid-19. These students are in isolation provided by Dordt or have returned home to isolate.

Dordt will continue to operate at a yellow alert level, which includes restricted class sizes, heightened precautions for residence hall living, and restricted attendance to campus events. For the month of September, we will not allow outside entities to rent Dordt's campus buildings for indoor events. Students and employees are encouraged to continue to wear masks indoors, practice social distancing, and complete their daily symptom checks.

Dr. Erik Hoekstra, president of Dordt University asks people to keep their students in your prayers.  He says their  roadmap to reopening is working, and they are adjusting course as they go, based on the guidelines of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the Iowa Department of Public Health, and other experts.

Standardized Test

Dordt University is also instituting a one-year pilot program where first-year and transfer applicants will not need to submit standardized test scores when applying to Dordt.

Stating the impact of  COVID-19 on ACT or SAT test-taking, which in turn impacts the recommended college application timeline, director of admission, Greg Van Dyke, says by allowing the test to be optional this year, students have more flexibility, and will alleviate some of the stress students might experience during the college application process.

Applicants who are enrolled in an accredited public or private high school in the United States and have a cumulative GPA of 3.2 or higher will be able to apply to Dordt without a test score. Homeschooled and international students will still be required to submit a test score, such as the ACT, SAT, CLT, or TOEFL.

Van Dyke says Dordt may require additional assessment for students before their freshman year in order to place them appropriately in classes for the fall semester.

Also, students who do not meet the 3.2 GPA requirement and do not have an ACT / SAT score can apply through a provisional admissions process.