City Improves Tree and Yard Waste Disposal Site

July 20, 2020 2:34pm

Tree And Leaf Site

Bringing lawn clippings, branches, and other yard waste to Sioux Center’s free disposal site will be easier thanks to improvements made by the city this summer.

"Residents had been asking us to look into improving the site, and we wanted to respond to those requests and make it better to use," said Sioux Center Streets Department Head Harlan Rus. “We made some changes that will give us more room and separate the piles more.”

Improvements included grading the roadway and parking area and placing additional surface materials to keep these areas firm. The grass and leaf pile was moved about 50 feet farther to the north. That gives more room between the grass and leaf pile, on the northeast side, and the branch and tree pile, on the southwest side. The piles are marked with signs, and residents are urged to follow them.

“We know people appreciate being able to use this site and have it open all the time, so we are asking everybody to respect the rules and keep the piles clean,” Rus said.

The materials placed on these piles are re-used. Grass and leaf clippings, which can also include pine cones, apples and fruit from trees, and vegetables from gardens, are used as compost on nearby fields. Trees and branches are ground up and later burned at an ethanol plant. For this reason, people are reminded to not place dirt-packed tree roots on the tree and branch pile.

Grass and tree site reminders:

·         No dirt mixed with roots or rocks. This can be disposed of at the Northwest Iowa Landfill.

·         No construction materials may be placed on these piles.

·         No furniture may be placed on these piles.

·         Construction materials and furniture must be disposed of at the Northwest Iowa Landfill.

·         Empty leaf and grass bags. Do not leave materials in bags.

·         Take bags and containers back home with you.

·         Do not leave behind beverage containers or other trash.

Following these guidelines will allow this site to remain free and open every day.

The free City yard waste & tree disposal site is just north of B&B Salvage along 7th Ave NW.