Lewis & Clark Celebrating 30 Years - Sioux Center Now Center of Construction

July 06, 2020 11:36am

Pipeline Construction Near Sioux Center

Pipeline Construction Near Sioux Center

The Lewis & Clark Regional Water System is celebrating its 30th year of incorporation and this month is celebrating its 20th anniversary of being authorized by Congress and signed into law by President Clinton. “As we celebrate these important milestones, we are very pleased that construction is moving full speed ahead this summer,” said Executive Director Troy Larson. Work recently started on three projects and is expected to begin on a fourth in September. Construction is also wrapping up on a fifth project. These five projects represent a combined $54.1 million in construction.

Pipeline Contracts:

These three projects are part of the transmission line that will ultimately provide water to Sioux Center, Hull and Sheldon.

*Carstensen Contracting of Dell Rapids, SD is nearing completion of 11.2 miles of 24 diameter pipe that started at Beresford and headed east. Construction began in the spring of 2019 on this $9.8 million project.

*Carstensen is constructing 10 miles of 24 inch diameter pipe starting at Sioux Center and heading west (see attached photo). The substantial completion deadline is December 2020 for this $8.2 million project.

*Carstensen plans to begin construction in September on 12.6 miles of 24 diameter pipe between Sioux Center and Beresford, which includes the Big Sioux River crossing. 7.6 miles of the project will be on the Iowa side and 5 miles on the South Dakota side. The substantial completion deadline is December 2021 for this $19 million project.

Well Contract:

*Welfl Construction of Yankton, SD is constructing a radial collector well along the banks of the Missouri River southwest of Vermillion that is expected to produce 16 million gallons a day. By comparison most of Lewis & Clark’s 11 vertical wells each produce in the range of 3 million gallons a day. The substantial completion deadline is April 2022 for this $10.4 million project.

Water Tower Contract:

*Caldwell Tanks of Louisville, KY is constructing a 2.5 million gallon water tower on the southeast side of Beresford that will be 220 feet tall at its peak. According to Caldwell officials, this will be the tallest 2.5 million gallon water tower in the nation. The substantial completion deadline is July 2022 for this $6.7 million project.

“When these five projects are completed Lewis & Clark will be close to 85% complete. If we continue to receive $18 million per year in federal funding, which is what was appropriated in FY20, the project is estimated to be completed by 2030. We still have a ways to go, but we can at least see the light at the end of the tunnel,” said Larson.

BACKGROUND: Lewis & Clark was incorporated in January 1990 and the congressional authorization was signed into law in July 2000. It is a non-profit wholesale provider of water to its member cities and rural water systems in southeast SD, northwest IA and southwest MN. The water source is a series of wells adjacent to the Missouri River and has a treatment plant near Vermillion. Construction began in 2004 and Lewis & Clark started delivering water in 2012. The System is currently serving water to 15 of its 20 members. Members yet to be connected include Hull, Sioux Center, Sheldon, Sibley and Madison.