Sioux Center Considers Proposed Pond For Retention

June 29, 2020 2:40pm

6 25 20 Retention Pond1

A proposed detention pond in eastern Sioux Center could provide a number of benefits to both the community and a nearby waterway.

Assistant Utilities Manager Adam Fedders shared a proposal with the City Council to add a 3.6-acre detention pond between the Meadow Creek development area and the Woodbridge development area, just southwest of Sioux Center Health.

The proposed pond would serve a large area, detaining storm water for about 150 acres mainly to the west of the pond. It would allow for natural removal of nutrients and silt before the water flows into the stream to the southeast.

Plans call for an initial smaller paved detention area, called a forebay, where silt can collect and be removed regularly, and a larger secondary detention area. A 12-foot paved maintenance path is planned to encircle the pond entirely.

The city has grant dollars available for this project. When Sioux Center borrowed from the State Revolving Fund to build the new wastewater treatment plant, staff applied for a competitive grant program that focuses on returning a portion of interest paid to communities to create stormwater quality improvement projects. Sioux Center was awarded $1.5 million. If approved, this project would use a portion of that award.

The plans for the pond must receive approval from both the State Revolving Fund and Iowa Department of Natural Resources. Once those approvals are in place, construction could begin on the detention pond as soon as this fall.