Survey Feedback Shared on Highway 75 Planning

June 26, 2020 2:38pm

Sioux Center Arial Highway Downtown

Downtown portion of Highway 75

Feedback from 975 survey responses will help shape the streetscape vision for the Highway 75 redesign in Sioux Center.

Landscape architect Jon Jacobson, of the planning and design firm Confluence, reviewed the responses from the recent community survey with the City Council this week. Confluence is a subcontractor for DGR Engineering for the design of Highway 75. Trent Bruce, of DGR, said Confluence is working with the community to guide the long-term vision for the corridor.

“The Highway 75 corridor really defines the City of Sioux Center in a way that it doesn’t in a lot of other communities, so it’s important that we do it right long term,” Bruce said. “Going through this process will help us fit the design into what’s important to the city of Sioux Center and its citizens.”

Jacobson said the majority of survey respondents said streetscape will be an important part of Highway 75’s redevelopment. Many felt a Midwestern agricultural, vibrant community theme is their preference for Sioux Center. Survey respondents were interested in tree plantings and wayfinding signs throughout the corridor, with a focus on amenities like decorative plantings downtown, and new gateway entrance signs.

Another theme highlighted in survey responses was an attention to safety and safe crossings. Jacobson said more than half of respondents indicated concern about crossing the highway as a pedestrian and many shared interest in safe pedestrian and bicycle crossings.

“People were willing to point out some of the areas they thought were not very great,” he added.

This survey was part of the initial phase of Confluence’s process to develop a streetscape master plan for the corridor. They will begin meeting with a smaller response group, including business people, adjacent property owners, and community leaders to draft vision ideas. In September, Confluence would like to bring vision ideas to the public for feedback. This feedback will help shape a proposed concept that ultimately will be part of Highway 75’s redesign.

The DOT has committed more than $20 million in its five-year improvement plan to address needs of Sioux Center’s Highway 75 corridor: removing the aging pavement, replacing it with an enhanced four-lane roadway, adding safety features and updating sidewalks. Confluence’s work is part of the design process. Final design is slated for 2022, with construction in 2023 and 2024.

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