Sioux Center Health Puts Up Tent - The Truth

April 01, 2020 4:33pm

Sioux Center Health Cmyk

We've been receiving some calls today about the tent that has been erected at Sioux Center Health. It has some people feeling a little anxious, so we inquired.

Sioux Center Health's Chief Quality Officer, Monica Sedelmeier, responded via email to our inquiry:

As a way to protect our community and staff, we have been offering a curbside clinic for certain types of visits. This allows our patients to schedule their clinic visits, but not have to come into the clinic. Our providers will go out to them and the tent allows for some shelter for our Iowa weather. Some of the types of visits we have done thus far include immunizations, med checks, injections and general physical appointments. This situation is obviously fluid and we are trying to be proactive to continue to keep our community safe.