Sioux County Closing Buildings to Public

March 20, 2020 11:15am

Sioux County

The Sioux County Board of Supervisors have announced that Sioux County Buildings will be closed to the public starting Monday, March 23, 2020, until further notice. The hours open to the public for Friday, March 20, remain 9:00 am to 1:30 pm.

The public will be able to work with residents by appointment if need be, however, the residents will need to answer questions in relation to the community spread of COVID-19 before they are able to meet by appointment.

Residents are encouraged to call the appropriate office to find out if the request can be accommodated remotely or will require an appointment. A drop box is available at the Treasurers office located on the north side of the building at 104 1st Street SE, Orange City.

Information about County departments can be found at

The Treasurers office requests citizens use the drive-through and/or drop box to conduct business and will be closed to the public.

The Prairie Woods Nature Center located in Oak Grove Park, will be closed to the public until further notice.

If you are filing papers for the June 2 Primary Election and/or November 3 General Election, please call 712-737-2216, and the Auditors Office will provide directions to you in order to receive the paperwork for the March 20, 2020 and March 25, 2020 deadlines. The Iowa Secretary of State has informed Auditors across the State that they, and the Office of Secretary of State, do not have the authority to grant extensions of these deadlines, and therefore, no extensions of those deadlines should be expected at this time.

Those individuals having business with the Clerk of Court may attend to such business at the courthouse, should the need arise. All persons attending court are strongly encouraged to arrive promptly, transact any necessary business expediently, and leave as soon as any necessary business is concluded.

The Board of Supervisors will continue to meet during the closure of County buildings, and the public will be allowed into the courthouse for the meetings. The Board room is located on the ground floor of the courthouse.

Please stay home if you are sick or not feeling well.

Below is the contact information for the County departments:

Assessor 210 Central Ave SW 712-737-4274

Attorney 210 Central Ave SW 712-737-2457

Auditor 210 Central Ave SW 712-737-2216

Board of Supervisors 210 Central Ave SW 712-737-2131

Clerk of District Court 210 Central Ave SW 712-737-2286

Communication Center 4363 Ironwood Ave 712-737-3307

Community Health 211 Central Ave SE 712-737-2971

Community Services 210 Central Ave SE 712-737-2999

Conservation Board 4051 Cherry Ave Hawarden 712-552-1047

Dept. of Human Svs. 215 Central Ave SE 712-737-2943

Election Information 210 Central Ave SW 712-737-2216

Emergency Management 4363 Ironwood Ave 712-737-4010

Engineer 207 Central Ave SE 712-737-2248 or 712-737-2148

GIS 210 Central Ave SW 712-737-2216 or 712-737-6818

Information Technology 210 Central Ave SW 712-737-6818

Recorder 210 Central Ave SW 712-737-2229

Secondary Road Quonset 4373 Ironwood Ave 712-737-4304

Sheriff 4363 Ironwood Ave 712-737-2280

Treasurer 104 1st Street SE Drivers License 712-737-8430

Motor Vehicle 712-737-2222

Tax Department 712-737-3505

Veterans Affairs 211 Central Ave SE 712-737-1775

Zoning 210 Central Ave SW 712-737-3820