Orange City Man Sentenced For Theft and Drugs

January 15, 2020 9:42am

Timothy Droog

Sioux County Attorney Thomas G. Kunstle announced 39 year-old Timothy Randall Droog of Orange City was sentenced Tuesday in Sioux County District Court for crimes of First Degree Theft and Possession of Methamphetamine, both as a habitual offender, which is a sentencing enhancement for individuals with prior felony convictions. Droog was also sentenced on two probation violations for OWI Second Offense and Domestic Abuse Assault, and a No Contact Order Violation.


The theft case arose August 22, 2019 when $13,100 worth of commercial tools were stolen from a local business. The Rock Valley Police, coordinating with Orange City Police, reviewed Droog’s Facebook messenger account revealing Droog attempting to sell several of the stolen tools. On November 9, 2019, a Sioux County Deputy stopped Droog for driving while barred, and during the stop, located 8 grams of methamphetamine in close proximity to a digital scale containing drug residue. Both charges occurred while Droog was on probation.


Droog was sentenced to fifteen (15) years in prison on the Habitual Offender convictions, where at least three years of confinement must be served before parole eligibility. Droog was further sentenced to 358 and 351 days in jail, respectively, on each of the probation violations, and 30 days in jail for the NCO violation, with all sentences to run concurrently.