Federal Budget Promising For Lewis & Clark Connection To Sioux Center

December 24, 2019 11:23am

Sioux Center

Budget decisions on the national level are favorable for progress on connecting Sioux Center to Lewis & Clark Regional Water System’s water supply.


Federal funding levels for the Board of Reclamation’s Rural Water Program, which allocates dollars to Lewis & Clark Regional Water System, are higher for the 2020 fiscal year than the previous seven years. If the Lewis & Clark Regional Water System receives roughly the same percentage of funding from the Board of Reclamation as the last fiscal year, the fiscal year 2020 funding for Lewis & Clark would be about $18 million, about a $3 million increase.


“This is really good news, being that we’re the next community to get connected,” said Sioux Center Municipal Utilities manager Murray Hulstein. “Connecting to this supply of high-quality water will add to the water we draw from our local aquifer, which has become essential for our growing community. This water source will increase the quality of water we deliver to each home, business and industry.”


Sioux Center may begin receiving water from the Lewis & Clark system as soon as mid-2022, according to the current estimated schedule. Sioux Center is slated to receive up to 600,000 gallons a day from the system, which draws water from the aquifer under the Missouri River.


About 12.6 miles of pipeline have yet to be constructed between the pipeline from Sioux Center and the pipeline at Beresford, including the Big Sioux River crossing. Construction on this segment is scheduled to begin the summer of 2020.


Contracts also need to be awarded for the Sioux Center meter building, expansion of the Hull meter building, a water tower just east of Beresford, and additional pumps at the Beresford pump station before water can be delivered to Sioux Center and Hull.


Sioux Center Municipal Utilities provides quality water to about 2,340 residential and commercial customers with an average daily usage of about 1 million gallons. Sioux Center has been part of planning the non-profit Lewis & Clark Regional Water System since 1990.