Dordt Hosting Presidential Candidates

October 25, 2019 11:21am

Dordt University6

Dordt University is hosting its second "Presidential Politics Conference in Iowa" -- patterned after a similar gathering in 2015.

Jeff Taylor, a Dordt University political science professor, is the event's organizer, he says they are focusing on presidential politics, but this is sort of the aspirational, the hopeful part of the conference, saying executive leadership -- meaning the presidency -- for the common good, it isn't just for the Republicans, it isn't just for the Democrats, just for liberals or progressives, he says its for everybody.

A conservative writer from "The Atlantic" magazine delivered a speech about the "inescapable vortex" of partisan identity Thursday night. Tonight (Friday), a Washington University religion professor will speak about what he calls the problem of "insularity" among white evangelicals. Taylor, the event's organizer, says 30 academic papers will be presented at the three-day conference, focusing on key questions.

Taylor is hoping politicians can learn to dialogue. He wants to see what can be learned from the past and the present in order to work on some sort of common good, even if people can't always agree on what that means.

The conference began Thursday and concludes Saturday. Friday afternoon, Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh and Brian Carroll, a presidential candidate from the American Solidarity Party, are scheduled to speak in person. Democratic presidential candidate Tulsi Gabbard (TULL-see GAB-erd) will address the conference via a live video connection.

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