Concerns Expressed Over Proposed Zoning/Ordinance Changes

October 18, 2019 10:49am

Sc Zoning

Sioux Center City Council heard public comments at their regular meeting Thursday concerning the proposed zoning and ordinance changes for the community. Concerns focused on changing multi-family residential areas to single family residential. Individuals think this will diminish the availability of affordable housing, restricting the creation of basement or other single dwelling apartments. Under the proposed changes, those homeowners would have to seek approval from the Board of Adjustment to create such spaces in their homes. Council approved the first reading of the proposal, future hearings will be held with more public input in the future before any changes are approved.

In other council items, the city council approved the $2.9M General Obligation Capital Loan with JP Morgan at a rate of 2.25%. The money will be used for the development of the sanitary sewer and lift project, development of green space adjacent to the new high school project, and the purchase of property near Wal-Mart.

Council received an update from staff at Siouxnami water-park. Director Dave Ruter with staff Jill Miller and Tanya Vande Griend reviewed impressive numbers for the year that include revenue up $120,000 from last year, as well as revenue increases in concessions, memberships, and rentals. August 20 was the biggest day for the new water park, with 1,777 people visiting the water park, and Ruter predicts 2020 will be even better.

City Council also approved setting a public hearing date for development of multi-residential, Urban Revitalization plan. A new plot of land has been identified on 12th St. NE across from Link Manufacturing.

The city also approved farm rental rates for city owned property and a $1M loan to Sioux Center Land Development to help facilitate the development of property.

Next Sioux Center City Council meeting is scheduled for November 4.

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