Highway 75 In Sioux Center Makes DOT's Five-Year Plan

June 11, 2019 3:57pm

Sioux Center Utilities Small

Improvements for safe and efficient travel on Highway 75 in Sioux Center have been approved as part of the Iowa Department of Transportation’s five-year transportation improvement program.

The work will include removing the existing, aging pavement, replacing it with an enhanced four-lane roadway, and adding safety features.

The Iowa DOT committed more than $20 million for this project in Sioux Center, to be completed within the next five years. The first years will involve studying project impacts and designing the roadway, then preparing for construction, followed by construction over a two-year period.

“The DOT is making a major investment in the future of Sioux Center – it’s great news that they are going to partner with our community at this level and help make this a project that represents our community now and in the future,” said City Manager Scott Wynja.

The recently approved five-year DOT transportation improvement program, which this project is a part of, addresses road and bridge projects critical to maintaining Iowa’s transportation system and creating opportunities for economic growth. The focus is on providing modern, safe, and efficient transportation services to the public.

“This work on Highway 75 will be a big project and it will impact all of us,” said Utilities Manager Murray Hulstein. “That’s why our goal is a Highway 75 that is safe and great to travel on – a project the community is proud of.”