Lawmakers are still looking for money to make commodity title updates

Lawmakers are still looking for money to make commodity title updates

The incoming president of the National Corn Growers Association says lawmakers are still working out the details of the farm bill.

Harold Wolle, a farmer from Minnesota along two other NCGA leaders, met with Senate Agriculture Committee Ranking Member John Boozman this week and he says finding money for commodity title program updates is still a challenge.

“He’d like to see higher reference prices in the next farm bill, but it comes with a price and it all comes down to how the Congressional Budget Office scores those changes.”

But he says “Boozman is committed to passing a farm bill that improves the safety net for all of agriculture.”

Wolle says the appropriations process could really hold up farm bill progress and a government shutdown would make things worse, but he is optimistic lawmakers can get a farm bill done in a timely manner.


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